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Paradiddles are a fundamental building block for learning and developing as a drummer. Paradiddles are part of the basic rudiments of drumming.

Below shows a single paradiddle and the 'sticking' as noted with Right and Left sticks.

The exercise shows the notes played on the one drum but the paradiddle can be played across multiple drums in a kit.

The single stroke roll is simply played by alternating each beat from right to left stick as shown below.

(If you do not have a metronome, check the web metronome tab above)

The double stroke roll which is one of the most important rudiments is effectively a paradiddle. It is played with 2 beats by the right hand and 2 beats by the left hand and continues alternating in this manner. When played as a roll it is commonly written in 32nd notes. 

The below clip is Neil Pert playing a drum solo on quite an impressive kit. 
He shows a great example of how all the rudiments can be applied to drumming.


YouTube Video

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