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Music is the international language and drums are a vital part of that language. A drum was one of the first instruments ever made by humans. They have developed to precision instruments and into electronics but remain the primal energy force and rhythm behind most styles of music.

Drum Zone is a drum and percussion tutoring service specifically designed for beginners. Drum Zone can provide you with the essential training and help develop your technique to head you in the right direction to becoming a valued player.

While there are any number of books and DVD's on the market and drumming web sites and videos that will show you the basics, there is no substitute for face to face lessons with an experienced player and tutor.

Drum Zone is currently based in the Gladstone Queensland region and provides face to face drum lessons to teach you how to develop the skills to play a kit.
Even if you do not live in the region and cannot arrange face to face drum lessons with Drum Zone, you can still browse the web site and pick up some introductory drum lessons.

Drums are the driving force behind a band. Drums, along with the bass guitar, form the rhythm section that is the foundation for strong music creation in a group of players.

Drum Zone will help you learn how to read drum music and understand the essential elements of drumming. These include paradiddles and the basic rudiments to enable you to develop your technique to becoming a good or even a great drummer. 
You will learn syncopation, an essential skill for drumming and assist you to develop good 'feel' and limb independence.

Browse the site pages and start learning how to play drums and how you can become the drummer you aspire to be.


Contact Drum Zone today and discuss a plan to get you on the way to playing wicked drums.

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