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There are 40 named drum rudiments but for the purpose of beginner exercises we will stick to the basic 26.

The following are the 26 basic drum rudiments. While some of the words may look and sound a bit strange, they generally get their names from the sound they make when played.

The R and L written under the score denotes which hand you play that beat with as in right or left. This is a fundamental aspect of the rudiment and should be learnt and practiced as written.
  1. Single stroke roll            
  2. Double stroke roll           
  3. Flam                             
  4. Flam tap                       
  5. Flam paradiddle             
  6. Flamacue                      
  7. Flam accent                  
  8. Ruff                             
  9. Single drag                   
  10. Double drag                  
  11. Single paradiddle           
  12. Double paradiddle          
  13. Single ratamacue           
  14. Double ratamacue          
  15. Triple ratamacue            
  16. Five stroke roll               
  17. Seven stroke roll            
  18. Nine stroke roll              
  19. Ten stroke roll               
  20. Eleven stroke roll           
  21. Thirteen stroke roll         
  22. Fifteen stroke roll           
  23. Drag                             
  24. Drag paradiddle              
  25. Flam paradiddle diddle    
  26. Ratatap                        

Steve Gadd, in the YouTube clip below, has been around for decades and played with some of the best musos around, in live performances and in the studio.
In this clip he is demonstrating the use of the ratamacue and talking about its application he used when recording the Steely Dan track 'Aja'.

YouTube Video

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