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Drum Zone can offer you a course curriculum that encompasses the previous 4 example lessons to get you started plus many more developmental elements of drumming.

Lessons are normally conducted once weekly, usually in 1 hour sessions and between lessons you will need to review and practice the elements and exercises presented in each lesson so you can progress to the next step. Twice weekly lessons can be arranged if you are developing at a faster pace and have the time between lessons to practice.

it is important that you learn and develop your drum music reading and playing in a sequential manner. That is you learn in progressive and logical steps so that you can understand and adapt the next stage of playing and develop the correct techniques. Jumping ahead too far without fully grasping the previous elements can develop bad habits which can be hard to break. It is better to learn the correct way first than to try and undo incorrect techniques.

It is recommended that a four session starter course be the minimum to provide you with the basics and background understanding for playing drums. If you like it, you keep going!

Drum Zone offers a four session starter course covering the elements shown as example in the previous 4 lesson pages.

An 8 session course will head you in the direction to independent learning and provide additional basic knowledge and techniques to get you on the road to becoming a good drummer.

If you get a feel for it and want to develop drumming skills further, lessons extend well beyond the introductory items. 

Drumming is however, like anything else; the more you know, the more you know what you don't know! You never stop learning.

Keep learning. Keep getting better. Keep enjoying the instrument.

Chad Smith (RHCP) in the clip below, plays a basic rock pattern with a bass player.
This is a good demo of how the rhythm section, the foundation of a band, works.

YouTube Video

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