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Drum Zone is a drum training program that will teach you more than just how to hit a drum. You will learn to understand what makes a drum tick and how you tick to make the instrument work best.

Drum Zone will teach you the fundamentals of what a drum is, how drums fit into a kit and how the sound is produced. You will learn how to hold drum sticks correctly and different sticking techniques.

Drum Zone will teach you how to read drum music. This is essential to help develop playing skills, styles and techniques. When you have a visual on the 'language' of drumming, the techniques will fall into place (with a good bit of work as well).

Understanding why drums make the sound they do will help you understand how to get the best and most varied sounds out of the instrument. This is also of critical importance in learning the technique of tuning drums. This is something Drum Zone can also teach you. 

Music has its own language, actually music IS its own language and drumming is a vital dialect to enable instruments to communicate effectively. If the drums rhythm, feel and tempo aren't where they should be sitting in a band situation, the band will never be the best that it can be. If you haven't already, you will hear all sorts of drummer jokes over time playing with different musos but don't let that devalue the critical importance of a good drummer in a band. It can make or break the band.

Drum Zone will guide you through the basic elements of music and how it works with drums. Learn the first 26 basic rudiments that form the core of all drumming. Learn syncopation and develop independence of your limbs to put together killer rhythms.


Drum Zone can also introduce you to various percussion instruments. These could include bongos, djembes, timbales, tambourine and more.

Browse the Drum Zone web site and review some of the lessons. If you want to learn how to play drums, contact Drum Zone to arrange face to face one-on-one lessons.

To provide you with a bit of inspiration, check out the YouTube clip below.
If you don't already know about Benny Grebb, he has a great relaxed style and pulls some wicked grooves. 
The clip is a few years old but still shows a prime performance.

YouTube Video

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